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    …the Eybler Quartet’s rendition of Op. 33 by Joseph Haydn (1732-1809) is simply a treasure.
    The sound of the strings is warm but not overly vibrated or assertive; the articulation is clear but not didactic;
    the tempos are beautifully chosen, the ensemble perfect, and the intonation absolutely pure. This is
    music-making that reflects the deeply human and attractive qualities found in Haydn the composer—good
    humor, wit, and invention…
    What other praises can I sing of this recording? If you already know Haydn, this is a must for your collection;
    if you don’t know these works, or want to introduce them to a friend, this is the best place to start.

    Tom Moore
    Early Music America Magazine, Summer 2013

"The Eyblers gave a wonderful account of this great quartet (Mozart K. 421 in d minor), their playing was superbly-controlled, yet conveyed the gamut of the emotions contained in the music, from the tragic opening movement to the unsettled, yet defiant close."

Derek Barker
Music reviewer for the Victoria Times-Colonist

"Eybler finds the perfect apostles in the four young Toronto musicians who have formed the ensemble bearing his name."

Claude Gingras
La Presse, Montréal

"Discovery of an obscure composer in this day and age is a rare delicacy. The formation of a chamber ensemble to foster the revival of such a composer is even rarer. And when those players form a wonderfully mature and cohesive unit, then you have a very compelling recipe.

The Eybler Quartet tackles this material with poise and grace. They play upon their remarkably expressive period instruments, almost convincing the listener that this is 18th century Vienna…"

John Gray
Wholenote Magazine, Toronto


"The three quartets of Eybler’s Op. 1 (1787), recorded here for the first time in fine, committed performances, contain nothing that Haydn would not have recognized… This Canadian ensemble has grit and urgency…"

Joshua Kosman
San Francisco Chronicle



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